for Minority - Owned Business Partners*

We encourage our Minority-Owned Business Partners to take part, so we offer 20% off on our initial investment!

Why InfiniteVR? Our business model, backed up with historical data, allows our partners to achieve impressive ROI’s without breaking a sweat. We negotiate the best rent for you and help with your Marketing, Business Development, or Operational endeavors! Visit us in Dallas, Nashville, Houston, Columbus, Towson, and many other cities!

MBE stands for Minority Business Enterprises which are at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by one or more people of the ethnic minority (African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic-American, Native American) and/or gender (e.g. woman-owned) and/or military veteran classifications.

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Fastest growing VR Franchise across the United States

Benefits of Virtual Reality Franchise with InfiniteVR

High Revenue

Offering an avarage revenue of $18.000

Low Startup Cost

Even lower operational and monthly expenses

Speedy ROI

Estimated average ROI from 6-8 Months

Automated Billing System

No revenue leakage, everything is reported daily

Choosing the Right Location

Rapid Setup Within 30 Days

On-Location Training and Support

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We offer various layouts for your perfect location. Take a seat, and join us for a meeting to hear more about your future with InfiniteVR.