Virtual Reality Updates Post Covid-19

Virtual Reality Updates Post Covid-19

It’s not a secret that the recent COVID-19 pandemic halted many business operations worldwide. From retail stores to movie theaters and amusement parks, people were left with few entertainment options. This led many people to turn to virtual reality for an all-new experience. So, let’s discuss virtual reality updates post COVID-19.

At-home Virtual Reality is on the Rise

Between the years 2019 and 2020, virtual reality headset sales rose over 78%, and this trend is not expected to slow anytime soon. In fact, some future market predictions are estimated that VR will continue to grow by 75% to 100% each year through 2024. Therefore, it seems that the age of virtual reality is here.

Virtual Reality Attractions

Several popular amusement parks, including Universal Studios, have incorporated VR technology into existing rides in the past couple of years. One such example is the all-new Mario Kart ride at Universal Studios Japan at its Super Nintendo World. And as we all know, when one amusement park finds a new trend, the others follow suit. Another virtual reality attraction that continues to grow is virtual reality arcades such as those created by InfiniteVR. These places allow customers to immerse themselves in 3D computer-generated worlds where they are the controller.

Virtual Reality for Business and Learning

Finally, one of the most important virtual reality updates post COVID-19 is the fact that businesses are beginning to use the technology for different reasons. Some popular companies use virtual reality technology to showcase products to their customers. However, there are also more and more companies using it to train their employees. One such example is found in the manufacturing industry. Some of these companies purchased VR headsets to begin training assembly line workers. Not only does this reduce the learning curve, but it also reduces work-related injuries. Some experts even believe that schools will soon purchase virtual reality headsets to offer anew and improved learning experience for children and young adults. The bottom line is that virtual reality is here to stay. The virtual reality updates post COVID-19that are already visible to have changed how people view this concept, so it’s only expected to keep gaining traction. This is one industry you’ll want to monitor!

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