VR Experience at Shopping Malls

VR Experience at Shopping Malls

With many people turning to online shopping, malls have been looking for new ways to draw in customers. One such way is to offer a VR experience by adding virtual reality arcades. So, today we’ll take a look at one such VR experience at shopping malls.

The Virtual Reality Arcade

Virtual reality arcades are appearing all over, allowing users to experience computer-generated worlds without the need to buy a headset. This is not only a great way to immerse people of all ages into a brand-new experience, but it’s also perfect for getting your kids out of the house to play video games. Sure, plenty of gaming consoles allow you to sit on your couch and play, but the experience is nothing compared to the VR experience at shopping malls. VR makes gaming very real. Rather than sitting in one place and simply using a controller to play, VR headsets allow the user to become the controller.

InfiniteVR Virtual Reality Franchise

InfiniteVR is the perfect example of a VR experience at shopping malls. Currently, they have over 30 locations across the United States and have hosted over 500,000 players. You can find InfiniteVR kiosks in cities across America such as Miami, NYC, Houston, Austin, Seattle, and more. This has been a favorite VR spot since 2016, and they’ve found that at least 80% of young people and adults are into these types of games. InfiniteVR offers state-of-the-art 9D-VRexperiences that use the latest VR simulators. So, this allows you to see what the fuss is all about without having to buy your own headset. Not to mention, it can be a great date night, birthday party location, and more. The bottom line is that the virtual reality industry is on a steady rise. So, the next time you’relooking for something new and exciting, check out a local VR experience at shopping malls!

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