Start your own Virtual Reality Arcade

InfiniteVR Virtual Reality Franchise model would be perfect for you. If you are passionate and motivated to create your own Virtual Reality Arcade location, you are at the right place.

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Start your own Virtual Reality Arcade

The virtual reality experience that tops all others is available right in your own neighborhood.

Realize the Future with Us

The shortest way to discover the future starts with InfiniteVR

Hypnotizing Experiences that Feel Like the Future

We take countless people into boundless digital worlds that were previously only imagined or shown in science fiction movies.

Virtual Reality has become the next big computing platform.

InfiniteVR is a concept exceeding a VR company. We also are carrying VR, AR, MR and AI products in our locations. Consumers can interact with immersive technologies with our customized VR simulators.

We provide a platform where the visitors can be trained and are able to interact with (simulators?) before purchasing and able to own what they experienced. Exactly Retail-as-a-Service (RaaS). This makes us unique and it protects our franchises against unfair competition.


Be your own boss

By joining our family, you get a turn-key and fast-growing Virtual Reality Franchise business with several advantages at once:

Average Revenue $15,000

Return of Investments 6-8 months

Turn-key Operation Model

Low Initial Starting Cost From $24,000

VR Locations

Do you miss the days when you could go to a VR Arcade and play the latest video games on the latest simulators?
 InfiniteVR Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies are available at over 30 locations in shopping malls in 12 states and 27 cities.

InfiniteVR Virtual Reality arcades are the best fun centers in New York, New Jersey, Houston, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Washington, Miami, and in many other cities.

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