A platform that connects people with future technologies such as VR, AR, and AI

VR and AR have the potential to become the next big computing platform. Just like when we saw the growth of the PC and smartphones, we expect new markets to be created and existing markets to be disrupted.

Be a part of the future with InfiniteVR

$4.75M lifetime corporate revenue.

3 continents, 27 cities, 41 locations.

Signed LOI with a Southern China investment group.

Profitable since the first year of the company.

Multi-Channel sales: Offline and Online Retail, Wholesale, Franchise, B2B.

Growth potential to be a leader of the $120B industry.

The founder has 3 established brands in the shopping mall industry since 2010.

A national account holder with Industry leaders in shopping malls.

People Behind the Scene

Osman Fatih Aysu

Founder / CEO

Founded three brands and successfully executed them into a franchise model. CEO of three companies in three continents with an MBA degree. A proud future dad of Paloma.

At first, it was all about entertainment and bringing fun to the consumer’s life. After a while, we noticed the value is not only in entertainment, but also in education and learning. We want to create a platform that helps people experience the future.

Iacy Ye

China Operations Manager

Can turn into a NINJA when it comes to fighting for company rights.

Sefa Oruc

Marketing Director

Diligent digital & growth marketing specialist with 3+ years experience building a digital—first  culture in computer software, IT, entertainment, advertising fields.

Sinem Onuk

Business Development Specialist

Every company must have their won Sinem. She worked in every position in the company until she settled as a fixer. 😀

Ege Ozcan

Senior Developer

5+ years of apps, games and software development experience. Computer geek.

Utku Murathan

Senior Business Development Specialist

Successfully completed regional expansion for INFINITEVR in 2018 even though he lost so many pounds of weight.

It's all happening, while you're sleeping...


InfiniteVR Timeline

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InfiniteVR Kids

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InfiniteVR Pitch Deck WF

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Post Covid Business Plan

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InfiniteVR Go Mini Next

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InfiniteVR OnWheels

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VR Locations

Do you miss the days when you could go to a VR Arcade and play the latest video games on the latest simulators?
 InfiniteVR Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies are available at over 30 locations in shopping malls in 12 states and 27 cities.

InfiniteVR Virtual Reality arcades are the best fun centers in New York, New Jersey, Houston, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Washington, Miami, and in many other cities.

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