Start your own Virtual Reality Arcade

InfiniteVR Virtual Reality Franchise model would be perfect for you. If you are passionate and motivated to create your own Virtual Reality Arcade location, you are at the right place.

Fastest growing VR Franchise across the United States

Benefits of Virtual Reality Franchise with InfiniteVR

High Revenue

The average revenue $18,000

Low Startup Cost

Lower operational and monthly cost.

Speedy ROI

Return of investments from 6-8 month.

Automated Billing System

No revenue leakage. Daily reports of VR usage and revenue.

Be a part of the future with InfiniteVR

Joining the InfiniteVR team gives you a proven way to own your own business! This is not just any business. It's an established brand with everything you need to succeed already in place and with an opportunity for an incredible return on investment.

InfiniteVR offers you a family of like-minded entrepreneurs, working with a team and system that is top in the industry. It also offers you the chance to be a part of the most inspiring moments and amazing feelings that your customers will never forget in their lives!

High-profit potential with very low running costs

Instead of making a profit off of a lump sum, the InfiniteVR franchise is designed to allow you to effectively grow your business with full support.

Technical support to ensure the maintenance of the VR system

InfiniteVR provides not only a full training package to teach you all the software but also technical support to ensure the maintenance of the VR system.

Don't wait and start your own virtual reality experience now

Business Year

Rapid Return on Investment Opportunity

If you are looking for a profitable investment, InfiniteVR is the right address you are looking for.
Start making profits before the end of your first year with the right operation!

Huge Market Size

Turnkey Operation

Turn-Key Business Model

How does it work?

Choosing the Right Location

InfiniteVR's professional crew finds the best venue for you, as well as handles all agreements on your behalf throughout the United States.

Rapid Setup Within 30 Days

Our experts will make your location ready within 30 days by branding and setting up the virtual reality simulators.

On-Location Training and Support

Skilled trainers from InfiniteVR provide a one-week of full training and guidance on the location. This will equip you with all the skills you need to hit the road as a fully qualified VR business owner.

Ready! Enjoy it All

Enjoy having a Virtual Reality Arcade business ready to earn money on the first day with no marketing and no setup effort.

Join the InfiniteVR Family

Over 30 locations in shopping malls among 12 states and 27 cities.
Would you like to be a part of this reality, too?
Become a part of this growing virtual reality world now and bring the future to your city with
the Infinite VR franchise opportunity! While your guests experience the best virtual reality, you enjoy being a member of a growing family.

Let's Talk!

What is better than being your own boss every day at a job that is fun?

InfiniteVR is an environment that everyone loves!