Best VR Games: Top 5 Virtual Reality Experiences for 2022

Best VR Games: Top 5 Virtual Reality Experiences for 2022

Do you want to know what the top virtual reality games are right now? So, you’re in luck because we’re here to help.

Whether you’re new to virtual reality or just searching for something to do in the genre, you’ll quickly realize how many options there are. It can be challenging to determine which virtual reality games are worth your time and money, given the wide variety of titles on the market.

We have compiled a selection of the best Virtual Reality games and experiences in this blog article. We’ve included a variety of virtual reality games here, with options for every kind of player and every kind of budget.

An Overview of Virtual Reality Games

The immersion level is the first significant difference between regular PC or mobile gaming and VR gaming. The player is immersed in the game from a first-person perspective, as if they were there, interacting with the environment and people as they would in real life.

VR Games: Pros And Cons


● Offers or describes in great depth.

● It is better than typical video games in terms of immersion and realism.

● Because of the increased possibilities and experiences for interpersonal interaction that they provide, they are more desirable.

● Other non-fictional uses, such as in healthcare, are needed.

● Immersion provides excellent prospects for advertising for publishers.

● Effective interaction


● This is cutting-edge technology, yet it hasn’t even been thoroughly tested yet.

● Rare and costly hardware.

● Greater complexity than classic video games, including new features and a learning curve.

● Accessibility issues, especially for mobile phone users.

● Games are more challenging to create than traditional video games.

● There are fewer game alternatives.

List Of Top 5 Virtual Reality Games

Here we have a list of the best VR Games:

Half-Life: Alyx

Even though it’s not Half-Life 3, Half-Life: Alyx is a full-sized adventure that stands up to the other games in the series. As Alyx Vance, you fight your way through City 17 in an experience made for VR. It uses some of the series’ classic features and adds a lot of new ones along the way.

The polish on Alyx is what makes it stand out. It has more than 10 hours of perfect AAA-level VR shootouts, puzzles, and stories. It might not be as groundbreaking as Bone works or Walking Dead, but it has some of the best firefights you can have in a headset and memorable moments. Half-Life: Alyx is one of the best VR games we have seen, but we hope Valve makes more in the future. 

If you are wondering about the future of VR, you can also read our article.

Resident Evil 4 VR

Even if Resident Evil 7 might seem better on paper, this version of what is regarded as the finest Resident Evil game to date shines out for all the right reasons. Armature, the studio responsible for developing the game, has gone back to incorporating VR on a thorough level, allowing for motion-controlled targeting, physical assaults, and other interactions that immerse you in Leon’s adventure.

Although there is still a lot of virtual window-gazing and some annoying quick-time events (QTEs), Resident Evil 4 VR does an excellent job of re-creating the original game’s tense atmosphere. With such a high bar set by the original, it’s only fitting that this VR adaptation is up there with the best of them.


Demeo is Dungeons & Dragons played in virtual reality. It’s like the classic dungeon crawler, except this time, you can do it in virtual reality and bring along some pals. If you and some of your buddies all have VR headsets, it’s one of the best multiplayer experiences.

An evening of tabletop gaming is completely reworked when you play the cooperative adventure with four people. There is no longer a need to be physically present in the same room as your buddies to start a game. The gameplay consists of the usual fare of selecting a class and exploring randomly generated dungeons with your crew.

Even though Demeo sessions might take as little as a minute or as long as many hours, they are never easy. Nonetheless, there is one thing that can be certain. If you like role-playing games at a table with others, Demeo will quickly become one of your favorite virtual reality (VR) experiences.

No Man’s Sky

The universe of No Man’s Sky, which consists of billions of procedurally created planets linked by infinite seas of space, was supposed to be brought into virtual reality and explored with friends. There were some technological issues, but it accomplished its lofty goal. You may spend many hours here climbing mountains, exploring underwater caverns, and battling in the stars.

Also, Hello Games put in a lot of work to make this VR upgrade seem organic and not bolted on. It’s important to remember that despite the game’s stunning visuals and atmospheric soundtrack, No Man’s Sky still has a challenging survival cycle and resource-gathering grind. If that interests you, No Man’s Sky has a good chance of becoming a favorite virtual reality game. Even though it’s been toned down a little from the PC version, this is still a fantastic virtual reality game on consoles.

Asgard’s Wrath (Rift)

While seeing Skyrim in virtual reality is incredible, most would agree that it would be even better if a similarly ambitious role-playing game was designed just for the virtual reality format. Even if Asgard’s Wrath isn’t as massive as the Bethesda classic, it makes up for its VR-first design. This polished trip met many people’s expectations of what virtual reality may provide. For native VR games, Asgard’s Wrath is as AAA as it gets. It has a substantial campaign that lasts for 30 hours or more, with mysteries to discover and visual treats to admire at every turn. Its redesigned menu and battle mechanics successfully immerse you in the stunning setting of Norse mythology. Most significantly, however, it has the kind of breathtaking experience of nail-biting action, deep connection, and rapid development that can only be experienced in a virtual reality video game. Because of this, it is regarded as the top virtual reality game.

The True game-changer: Infinite VR

These days, you probably don’t just want to be entertained. You want to feel like you’re a part of the entertainment you’re getting. Even though VR games are entertaining, the best VR experience you can get is location- based VR which is the next phase of immersive entertainment. Unlike virtual reality at home, you can talk to each other and interact with the world around you in that space.

However, Infinite VR is the true game-changer. If you are interested in having a business which is both entertaining and profitable, you do not need to wait years for your idea to become a reality. 

Become a VR franchise owner now thanks to Infinite VR and start your virtual reality arcade soon.

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