Why Is Customer Experience Important in LBVR?

Why Is Customer Experience Important in LBVR?

It is crucial, when beginning a location-based virtual reality franchise, to deliver an experience that is of the highest caliber, both in terms of the design and the customer service that is offered. 

Because the satisfaction of customers is ultimately the most important factor in determining the volume of new and promising business, the attitudes and actions of your workforce are very important. It is essential to provide team members with training on how to provide an outstanding customer experience throughout every transaction and touchpoint.

In this article, we will go through why customer experience is important in Location-Based Virtual Reality (LBVR).

What is a “Good Customer Experience”?

Customer experience is how a business influences a customer’s perception and sentiments. The customer experience (CX) focuses on business and customer relationships. It covers every interaction, no matter how small or unproductive. A pleasant customer experience is essential to the success of your business, since a satisfied customer is more likely to become a loyal customer who will help you increase revenue. A satisfied customer can promote your business via word-of-mouth marketing, advocating your brand and service.

 Here are some examples of good customer experience:

  • Setting realistic goals for a product or service in marketing
  • Intuitive product design
  • Easy-to-access self-help resources
  • Sending messages ahead of time about known problems
  • Sales being transparent about pricing.
  • Always-available live customer support with minimal delays.

The Importance of Customer Experience in Franchising

The franchising sector is a tough one, so providing an exceptional experience to customers is crucial. It’s not simple to get everything perfect every time, but if you put in the work and do your research, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to increase the percentage of customers who are satisfied with your franchise.

Meeting customer expectations is important to maintaining customer loyalty, and constantly offering exceptional service will also ensure:

  • Your business has an excellent reputation.
  • Your business is still profitable.
  • Customers treat your staff favorably.
  • You keep a competitive advantage over competitors with lesser service standards.

A good customer experience provides not only several economic benefits but also free advertising, therefore enhancing your brand reputation. Let’s look first at the economic advantages of a good customer experience.

The Economic Advantages of a Good Customer Experience

It is a fact that keeping existing customers is far less costly than finding new ones. In general, acquiring a new client for your organization is five times more expensive than keeping an existing one. Even on its own, the argument should demonstrate how crucial offering the best customer service is. Finding new clients is expensive enough as it is, so every business should take every precaution to keep them satisfied and keep doing business with them. And new clients are less likely to purchase than existing customers. It is therefore important to satisfy the existing customers. 

A good customer experience can attract customers to LBVR and make them come back to experience it again. Great customer service keeps your consumers coming back for more and encourages them to do business with you whenever the opportunity comes. It’s not unusual for customers to stick with a brand they’ve previously worked with, even if it’s an ancillary service.

Increased Brand Awareness Through a Good Customer Experience

Excellent customer service boosts the public image and strengthens the brand. If you care about public opinion, your reputation, or the power of your brand, ensure a good customer experience. Not only does this result in positive reviews, but it also solidifies you in the thoughts of those seeking your products, services, or information. Money cannot purchase more effective advertising than word-of-mouth marketing.

Also, the type of word-of-mouth advertising that may have a huge effect on a business cannot be bought under any circumstances. It is of no value. People are far more likely to follow the advice of a friend than that of an internet review or commercial. Whether you are attempting to earn money offline or online, exceptional customer service will generate a multitude of adoring fans who will promote your company on your behalf.


A location-based virtual reality franchise needs to invest in exceptional customer experience. After all, your ability to maintain an maintain a loyal customer base is essential to your business’s success. And if you fail to put the requirements of your customers first, they may go elsewhere to get what they need.

An LBVR experience that will allow customers to feel more immersed in the storyline than ever before should give a good customer experience to keep the business profitable and increase brand awareness as well. Immersive technologies, such as Location-Based Virtual Reality, can generate revenue and boost brand awareness by making clients feel special and satisfied. 

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